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Laleh Ultra-Specialized hospital
2014 - September - 16 Tuesday


Laleh Ultra-Specialized and Subspecialty Hospital -500 - Specialized Hospital

Laleh ultra-specialized and subspecialty Hospital With more than 33 thousand meters of surface, 240 beds expandable to 420 beds on eight floors and a cost of over 300 billion Rials in the land of 10 thousand 250 square meters has been constructed in West Town area. 250 specialists mostly are faculty members of universities, with 800 medical and administrative experienced staffs are working in this hospital in 29 sections and 24 medical specialist clinics.
It should be mentioned that Specialized Hospital has opened after receiving the permission in 1989 and construction started in 1990 and building finished in June 2006. Laleh subspecialty hospital has 250 active specialists as shareholders. Laleh subspecialty hospital is equipped with twelve operating rooms for subspecialty and special surgeries.
Operating room section has 100 personnel and all fields related to surgery of ENT, eye, heart, pediatrics, urology, plastics, orthopedics, gynecology, general, neurosurgery, and .... Commensurate with the latest technology, medical sciences are carried out which endoscopic and microscopic surgery and open surgery are included. Equipments of operation rooms are provided according to type of patients and surgery needs and surgeons experienced point of views, for example electronic microscopes of E.N.T groups are the best brand with very high capacity. The best and most complete system of sinus endoscopic has been purchased from Karl Storts Company that pioneers in the medical industry tools and practices MIV.
It is worth noting that Laleh Specialized Hospital has the experienced professionals in the anesthesia and in line with it has the best and most modern anesthesia devices with the best anesthetic drugs. The most important elements in this collection is the recovery room with anesthesiologist, a nurse and an anesthesia technician, along with two nurses for anesthesia services for special care of patients.
Laleh subspecialty hospital has 29 sections such as stone crusher, coat posts, cardiac surgery, oncology, internal ICU, General surgery, women surgery, infants section, delivery room, heart ICU, CCU, NICU, etc.
Hospitalizing sector rooms are equipped with best amenities level to include comfortable 3 breaker beds, television and refrigerator dedicated telephone centrals, AIR condition, separate toilet and bathroom nurse call system, central oxygen and suction, wardrobes, accompany bed, Wall barometer for the convenience of patients and their accompanies.
Hospitalization beds of ICU and CCU are four breaker beds and remote that can be controlled by the patient, the central monitoring, ventilator (breathing donor to patient), Profuse, serum pump and the wavy mattress. Laleh Hospital computer network has been implemented with Fiber Optic Backbone and Cisco switches.


















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