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Essays by Dr.shariati

Essays by Dr.shariati
2014 - September - 17 Wednesday



Essays by Dr.shariati


1: Studying about decrease in mixed and transferable auditory with middle ear exploration between 1991-1997 in AmirAlamHospital.

 2: A 6 year study of Quan Atrasia at AmirAlamHospital from 1992-1998.

3: Representing and printing the Audio-Vestibular involvement in the Behcet’s Disease   essay in the 6th international conference on 30th of July 1993 in France , and a speech on Auditory involvement in Behcet’s Disease on August 1994   at the Amir Alam conference hall in Tehran.

4: Prevalence of ear auricle tumors between 1994 to 1999 at the EmamKhomeiniHospital .

5: The prevalence of TMJ disorders in 1998

6: Studying malignant tongue tumors at EmamKhomeiniHospital in 1998.  

7: The evaluation of complicated and results of Rhinoplasty  in 125 patients in 2000 , and presentation of the essay at the Rhinoplasty congress and being selected as the best essay also obtaining the highest price and being published in newspapers.

8: Participating in endoscopic nose and Sinus surgery workshops (at the Autopsy  hall of medical organization on week in December 2001)(Imam Khomeini hospital in February 2001 ) ( Medical science university of Iran in RasoulAkramHospital ) ( AmirAlamHospital May – June 2002)

9: The incidence of the deviation of the nasal septum in Rhinoplasty patients and surviving 400 cases of patients between 2003 and 2004 in Borzouye Center of Specialist Surgery.

 10: Studying reasons of the prevalence of the neck masses except Thyroid Nodules at AmirAlamHospital and presenting and publishing the essay at the 13th tropical and infectious  disease congress on November 2004

 11: Speech at the Rhinoplasty with maintaining the nose capability at Milad hospital about nasal cavity problems result to inferior concea   on March 2004.

12: Participating in the 5th international European congress of ENT in Greece in September 2004.

 13: Participating in international IFOS congress 2005 in Rome ,Italy.

 14:Speech at the  “ advances in secondary Rhinoplasty” at the Amir Alam Hospital 18 to 20th  July 2007.

 15: Interview with Reuters News Agency and video taping the Rhinoplasty Surgeries in Borzouye center of Surgery and broadcasting the programs on CNN 28 – 29th of the May 2007 also presenting 3000 Rhinoplasty patients till 2007

 16: Representing the “A comparison of Amoxicillin- clavunate and Azithromicin     efficacy in treatment of Acute Sinusitis “ essay

 17: “New approaches to bacterial and fungal diagnostics” poster in 13th International Congress on Infectious Diseases in 19 -  22  June 2008 at Kuala LumpurMalaysia.

18: Participating in international IFOS congress 2009 in Sao Paolo  , Brazil.


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